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Usage Guide

The FuzzyMetadataSearch is distributed as Dynamics CRM 2016 solution.
After you downloaded the solution and imported it into your CRM Environment you can access the FuzzyMetadataSearch over the configuration page of the FuzzyMetadataSearch solution.
If you use the search for the first time you have to choose the solution in which you want to make your changes to the attributes and press the "Download Metadata" button. After the initial download, takes approximately 1 minute, you can use the search box to search for attributes inside your Crm environment.
To make customization easier there is also a publish button with which lets you publish all unpublished changes. If you want to repeat the download of the metadata, e.g. your solution has gotten a lot of new attributes which you want to be able to find with the FuzzyMetadataSearch press the "Reload Metadata" button.


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Build Instruction - How to create a Solution out of the source code

If you want to make your own changes to the source code or you want to migrate FuzzyMetadataSearch to a older version of CRM (like CRM 2011) you simply have to add the source files to a new solution:
  • Create a new empty solution in Dynamics CRM
  • Upload all source files into this new solution. This can be done very easily with the "Metadata Browser" inside the XrmToolbox (
  • Choose the file thr_fuzzyMetadataSearch.html as configuration page of your new solution.
  • Export your new solution as managed solution.

Future Releases

In a possible future release the FuzzyMetadataSearch should be able to search not only for entity attributes but for all Metadata concerning a entity. E.g. views, forms, entity configuration etc

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