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FuzzyMetadataSearch -

A faster way to access metadata in Dynamic CRM 2016

A Dynamics CRM 2016 Plugin which adds a "fuzzy" search for metadata.
An alternative to the Solution Explorer and inspired by Sublime Text's "Goto Anything".

Become a more productive Dynamics CRM developer

Are you tired of using the slow CRM Solution Explorer to access an attribute.
Imagine that instead of selecting an entity, pressing the attributes button and than searching in the list of all attributes which only shows 50 entries at a time you could just enter your entity and attribute name in a search box?
This is the key idea behind the FuzzyMetadataSearch which allows you to search for attributes in a fuzzy way much like sublime text "goto anything" functionality.



Download the metadata only once

Why is the FuzzyMetadataSearch faster than the Solution Explorer?
The Solution Explorer downloads the Metadata every time you use it.
The FuzzyMetadataSearch downloads all the attributes of your environment only at the first time you use it.
By storing it in your Browsers cache it is much faster at every consequent use.
Therefore when you want to access new Metadata you have to rerun the download Metadata process.

How to install

Download the CRM Solution from the Download page and import it into your CRM Organization.
Open the Solution and navigate to the Configuration page (see Screenshot). Choose the Solution in which you want to make your changes and press the "Download Metadata Button". After ca. 1 minute you are ready to go.

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